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"I had a difficult case and they treated me like family, fought hard, and got my case dismissed!" 

- Brent P
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Todd Hottman - Lead attorney at The DUI Clinic
"We will get all of the evidence and turn over every stone on your behalf to minimize the impact of your DUI on your life.  We will file your Driver's License Appeal for FREE to avoid the automatic suspension!"  "Whether you hire us or not!"
FREE Driver's License Appeal
We will file your Driver's License appeal for FREE.  You only have 14 days to do so or you will lose your license automatically!
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We will obtain and review all of the evidence against you and will consider all possible defenses in your case.
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"They wouldn't quit until they obtained the best possible result for me!  These lawyers know what they are doing!"

- Sarah W.
"They noticed something in the booking video that ended up saving my driver's license!  I didn't go to jail, and I did not lose my driver's license for even one day!  I could not be happier with what they did for me!"

- Jennifer R.
"I was charged with a Felony DUI.  They took my case to trial and I was found NOT GUILTY!"

- B. Smith
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